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March is Women's History Month

The Computer Wizards from Grand Street Settlement's Girl's and Young Women's Initiative (GYWI) decided to honor Women's History month by looking at some famous women in history and the important contributions they have made to the world.

The Computer Wizards is one of many activities in our afterschool program. What we do is learn about web design and work on the GYWI site. Come check out our hard work here,

The Computer wizards consist of: Alana, Melanie, Jennifer A., Katherine, Luisiana, Evelyn, Liberkys, Jennefer P., Louisa, Arazely, Damaris, Krystal, Tabitha and Nicole.

We could never so these without the help of the staff and volunteers that work with us every week. Special Thanks to Jay Boucher, Chris Hawke, Leslie Rios, Katie, and LaQisha Jackson.

Now it's time to celebrate Women's History Month!

Click on any of these pictures to find out more info on these extraordinary women.

We also took some time to for personal reflection.

And some questions came up. Check out what we think about ...

Women's History Month

What does it mean to be a girl/women?

What makes women special is...