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Helena was born December 25,1870 in Krakow, Poland. She was a businesswoman. Once while she visited her relatives in Australia she saw the good products of cosmetics, like skin care products and etc. Seeing these things made her anxious to open a small shop to sell care products. After doing all this she returned to Europe and studied dermatology. She was one of the first people who opened a beauty salon, and from there on there were beauty salons all over the world. Helena's chemist and researchers would develop new and also better beauty aids then before.

A few years later Helena created a foundation to her name, which was coordinated to help out those in need. Helena continued to direct her business until her death, April 1,1965. The reason why I choose this person be because she is a businesswoman and that is what I would like to be when I grow up. The kind of business she dealt with was beauty and that is basically what I would like to do when I grow up!


By: Liberkys