This summer we have partnered with Thirteen/WNET New York to discover more about ourselves. Students in this year's Video-Link Summer Media Camp viewed a segment called WHO AM I? from the PBS production "EGG THE ARTS SHOW" to learn how photographers represent themselves through their art.


We discovered that besides having an interest in cameras, computers and technology, we, the students of the Video-Link Summer Media Program of 2001 are a group who think of ourselves as:

Talented; Happy; Really Good Readers; Loving; Artistic; Intelligent; Shy; Caring; Curious; Talkative; Giggly; Careful Listeners; Trustworthy; Helpful; Dreamers, Kind; Smiley; Athletic; Sensitive; Special; Good; Timid; ALIVE!

Below are some letters telling the staff at Video-Link what we really are all about: our likes, our dislikes, our hopes and our thoughts.




Dear Video Link,
What's up! Well I have a lot to my personality, more then people think. It's not just simple little Cathy; it's bigger than that. I have a lot of things I love and like to do, but I also have dislikes.

One thing I admire about myself is my smile. Everyday, happy or sad, I will always have a smile on my face.
I can't go a day with out a smile on my face. Not that I'm happy all the time, that's just me. OHH GOD and laughing! I love to laugh and giggle especially when

Me, smiling at Video-Link

I'm with my friends. When I'm with my friends I always have laugh attacks. One thing, I can't stay quiet or stay in a quiet room 'cause I bust out laughing. Well enough about my giggles now I'm going to tell you about my likes and dislikes, or things I like to do.

Well, not to brag or anything but I think I have a lot of confidence in myself- more then others have of themselves. I know when I put my mind to something I can accomplish it. If I'm put in a situation where I have to do something or else it will stop me from moving on, well for sure you know I will do it. I know I can do better then what I'm doing. Now that's why I have a lot of confidence.

Well to wrap things up I like to write and play Basketball. Those are my favorite hobbies. Well I think I like writing better so I'm going to talk about that first.

I love to write. Writing to me is like the world.
I can express my feelings, thoughts, and also my humor the way I like to. Writing is like a passion a have. When I get home I always write about my day. I've been keeping a journal since the age of 10. Every year I complete a journal, I look back on my memories and say to myself: " I've been through a lot". Well theres not much else to say about me and my writing - I'm a writer and that's all there is to it.

Finally, one of the other hobbies I like to do is play basketball.
I LOVE BASKETBALL!! Basketballˇoh man, there are no words to describe the way I feel about basketball. I mean, what can I say, I'm an athlete. Sports! That's me. Where ever there is basketball I'm there. I've played with little kids, big kids, even adults. I cannot live with out basketball. Well I could, but you get the point. Basketball is just me.

Well I hope you learned a little more about me and the things I like to do, so good bye.
Your Student,

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I am smart
I touch alot of flowers
I feel happy most of the time
I think I am very pretty
I like things that are sweet
I need to learn
I love my family
I hate when things go wrong

Dear Video Link,
Let me tell you about myself. I love researching things
on the Internet, especially when I am doing scavenger
hunts. With my spare time I like to write little stories.
I love reading Beverly Cleary books. One of my favorites
was "Dear Mr. Henshaw." My favorite type of music is Rap.
I am a really good reader. TO: In my school, I was the only person in my grade that got a 4 on the reading test. My math
teacher was teaching me how to do algebra.



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Dear Video Link,
My name is Julia. I've been in Video-Link before.
My favorite colors are: Black 'n Blue. I have many
hobbies. I like reading, listening to music and taking
pictures/filming. I know that if Alyson (VL staff member)
lets me take a Mavica or Canon digital video camera
home with me, the next day I would come to the studio
with cool pics or a nice film. Video-Link and the media
club is my life. Thank God my Social Studies teacher
Mr. Keolamphu recommended me for this program.




I touch my face
I feel my eyes, beak and feathers
I think of my life and who I am
I like to know the reasons why??
I hear them laughing
I remember when I was in a shell
I need to know why I am so ugly
I love it when you know people and they don't look at you,
they look at what's inside your heart and mind
I hate when people criticize because they don't know who you really are
(inside, not out)
I am the ugly duckling who transforms into a beautiful swan
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Dear Video Link,

I am poetry
I feel loved
I think deep
I like sharing
I hear crying and clapping
I need feelings
I love writing
I hate not


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Dear Video Link,
My name is Beatriz. I was born and raised in the Bronx but I am Puerto Rican. I am a Yankee fan. I like to play sports like baseball, basketball, volley- ball, and handball. I also like to use computers. I am sensitive, and my family makes me happy. I think that being yourself is better than trying to be like others. I need to do more in life. I hate it when people bother me.


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Dear Video Link,
I am a girl but I am not like all the girls I know. I don't think like them, I think about having a good future. I think about school rules and that I will never leave school until I finish college. I think that I am special because I am not like other girls that only think about boys. I want to learn more in school and I will never leave my friends when they need me the most.

In Video-Link I would like to learn more about cameras. I want to go to different places to videotape people to see what they think about, and to learn different opinions.


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Dear Video Link,
My name is Regina. I live in NYC. I am very special because I have many talents. I can sing and modelor even act, and that is why I came to this program. I feel sad sometimes when people don't respect me for my talents. I think I will be a great singer/actor. I like to act out little parts of movies, and I remember singing on stage as a little girl. I need to get into a high school where I can sing because I love more than anything to sing. I create many things but I do it mentally, not for the real thing. I play around alot and sometimes my playful side is a sign of happiness!!!

I don't have any hate for people but some foods like beets and liver. (There are more that I can't think of right now.) I notice that I am only sensitive when my mother screams at me.

My cat died recently, and I miss her a lot.



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Dear Video Link,
My name is Hawoly. When I first came to your camp, I was very anxious and excited because I was looking forward to using huge cameras and meeting very important people. Even though Video-Link does not have the things I expected to see I still have have fun. I meet new people every day and we still get to use the cameras and shoot movies. I have two sisters, Marieme and Fatima. Ther in Video-Link Camp and they also like it.

Next year, I hope I will be accepted to the Video-Link after-school program because I look forward to even more fun than the fun I had in this camp. It's sad how the camp session is only 8 days long, but I hope to see everyone in Video-Link back here next year!


Dear Video Link,
I am Mariame. When I came to Video-Link I got to meet a lot of people and got to know them better over the last 7 days. I also met teachers I didn't know. It was a pleasure being in Video-Link again, especially now that Eric is in it. For people who have never been in Video-Link before, please come because it is alot of fun!


Dear Video Link,


I am playful
I think of my friends and family
I like boys
I remember my mom
I love my mom
I hate my sister


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Dear Video Link,
Hi my name is Joan. I have been in the United States for two years and I was born in the Dominican Republic. I like it here in the United States because the teachers show me a lot of things I never learned before. I have one sister and one brother. My brother lives in the Dominican Republic with my grandmother. I feel sad because we don't get to talk.
I like cameras very much. In my future I want to work in the news or on TV shows. I like cameras because I am interested to learn different things about technology and the electricity that makes things work.

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Dear Video Link,
I will tell you a bit about myself. In my spare time I like to take electronics apart and put them into something else (but I take things that nobody uses.) In 5 years I see myself back in Texas. Speaking of Texas I used to live there for seven years. I lived with my mom in the Dominican Republic until I was 13 months old. Then my father (a Texan) told us to come over because he finally got us papers. I don't remember a whole lot of the Dominican Republic but I do of Texas. I miss it.


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Dear Video Link,
My name is Laura. I was born in the Dominican Republic. I came to the United States when I was 2 years old. I attend a middle school here in New York City. In my school I was in the laptop class last year and now I am also going to be in the laptop class this year. I really like technology. I am glad and excited to be in Video-Link Summer Media Campl


Dear Video Link,
Hi, my name is Peter. My hobbies are bike riding, sports, riding roller coasters and filming things. I don't like seafood because I am allergic. I also don't like to read or swim.

I wanted to come to Video-Link because I am very interested in cameras. I really like cameras because they capture special moments in people's lives. The other reasons are that I like anything to do with computers, cameras, televisions and other equipment. Thank you for the best week ever.

Your friend,


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Dear Video Link,
I am writing to you to tell you more about me. People tell me I am smart. (I just think I'm a hard worker.) My math teacher told me I have a sweet nature. I think I am a hard worker, sometimes messy, a traveler, and sometimes funny. I would say my favorite artist are Billy Joel (pretty old taste, huh?) and Celine Dion. No, I do not have the taste of a 32 year-old, it's just that these are the artists I grew up listening to. My favorite band is *NSync. my prized possessions are my bear Marido, whom I've had since I was a child, and my music collection. When I get older I hope to be a musician or a photographer, or maybe even both!

I have traveled to many places, including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel, and Canada (my favorite) where I went to the tallest structure on Earth! (The CN Tower) That is not all. I think that knowledge is important. But you still have to enjoy life. I also think that brothers are there to ruin your life (most of the time.) I love having friends and I hate people with big egos.


Dear Video Link,

My name is Pedro. I have a big sense of humor but I'm shy. I need to be more creative, but I'm sensitive. Some people think I'm playful and they're right. I am very nice at treating people. I love my mom and dad. That is really it.

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Dear Video Link,
I want to tell you that I love Video-Link and I will never forget all of ya, because ya help us when we need help, and I will never forget Randi (VL staff) because she told me to come to Video-Link summer camp and because she always helps me and other kids when they don't understand.

Dear Video Link,
I am a good person. I like to help people. I love my mom and my father. I like to study to pass my grades and I'm the most intelligent in my class but I don't like anyone to envy me. The qualities that make my personality special are the qualities given to me by my family and my mother. My family is educated and gives respect. Also the qualities that make me special are that I give a hand to the people who need me and give love to my family and all people.


Dear Video Link,
I am a good person, but when people come looking for trouble, they put me in a bad mood. I like to help people, and I like to do different activities. I like to learn more about Video-Link. I like to hear music, to read, to write and dance. I don't like to do the dishes!

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Yensi, Beverly, Martha, Helen, Randi, Alyson, Liliana and Eric
Video-Link Summer Staff

Special Mention to Andrea,
hard at work with Video-Link
Wannabe's in Delaware!

Aside from the fact that all of us already like kids, we have really learned a lot from them this summer. This project gave us a chance to get to know each of them as individuals and we feel that letters like these should be a part every classroom.

Video-Link values self-expression, and respects the ideals represented in the thoughts and dreams of the children who choose to participate in our program. It is our hope that we can create an awareness of the power that children have to express their feelings through the visual, spoken, and written study of media and media literacy.

We welcome any and all comments...




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