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SOF Students Investigate NYC's Water Quality Progression

Earth is an evolving ecosystem! Recent technology advances and world events have made us reflect on how humans impact the natural environment. One of the most significant resources on our living planet is water.

Water makes up over 80% of all living systems, from a single cell to the human body. It is required for chemical reactions in our cells in order for food breakdown to take place to make energy for our daily activities. Many organisms dedicate their lives to water, from simply living on it to reproduction. Humans obtain most of our minerals from water. 

Water's importance is obvious. However, its availability is constantly fluctuating. The recent NYC drought as well as the Adirondack acid rain events made us curious about its cause, and led us to investigate our histories in order to learn about our present conditions. 

The 9th Graders at the School of the Future investigate the presence of various chemical components of our water systems. We took our results onto a new level; we tried to make sense of where and how the components arrived in the water system by looking at the history of the water body. It is by investigating the present and reviewing the past that we monitor the scientific progress of our water quality. Perhaps this education piece can help our community become better aware of the conditions of our urban waters, and its impact on the health of our ecosystems and on human beings as individuals.

For complete rubric and curriculum plans that support SOF's Water Unit, please contact Annie Chien.

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