"River of High Bronx"

In 1600, the Bronx River, used to be called Aquehung or "River of High Bluffs" by the Mohecan Indians who first lived and fished along it. The Bronx River is 23 miles and runs through the Bronx and Southern Westchester. The Bronx is a perfect place for urban life, it has a peaceful corridor of green for fishing, strolling, biking, boating and nature study.

Around the 1700's 12 mills were producing paper, flour, pottery, tapestries, barrels and snuff. These mills were powered by water running down the river. The water was considered so pure and wholesome that during the 1820s and 1830s the New York City board of Aldermen debated ways to tap into its supply to the growing city with drinking water. The Bronx River valley was nearly turned into an industrial corridor during railroad construction in the 1840s. In 1905 the Bronx River Valley sewer started absorbing some of the worst sewage. At the end of the 19th century, the Bronx River was so polluted by the industrialized city, that people called it an open sewer. The dumping of garbage in the Bronx river had killed a lot of marine life by that time, and was in dire need of help. Lehman college had taken consideration in cleaning the Bronx River because of the lowering sea life levels in the water and its surrounding area. The species in the water are very important to the condition of the water, the combination of the decreasing life and the garbage dumping was only making conditions worse. The community first decided to migrate fish into the water, because fish are important indicators. Scientists can tell the water problems by the way the fish were living. After some cleaning projects for the Bronx river, the population of fish has increased, thus the fishing boats have increased. Now, more than 305 of reagents questions have issues connecting to the flier put out for the workshop. It can be learned by studying and increasing your knowledge of the Bronx River. The Bronx River is now in the center of abandoned factories and industries. While they are working; this can be unsafe for the environment when things such as pollution affect it.

Has the Bronx River improved? Let's see!