Kingsley, MS 321

In October, people in America celebrate Halloween. Halloween is the day that people wear scary costumes, to scare others and to get candy. People have parties and go to parades. It is a day they say, for witches and evil spirits from the under world.

Halloween is not celebrated in my culture. People that will be seen celebrating Halloween are feared. They are afraid because they fear that witches will kill them or do something bad to them. If something would happen in the community, those who celebrate will be blamed.

When I was younger, I was told many stories about evil spirits from the forest walking though the streets at night. They want nothing but children's souls. On the night of Halloween my family stays in the house because it is my mother s wish.

Ten years ago in Ghana, my mother 'saw' her grandmother Grace on Halloween. She had died before my mother was even born. As a result of that, I feel very cold on Halloween. When kids come to get candy at night, I normally don t go to the door. I throw candy out the window because I feel it could be a real spirit out there. On Halloween nobody plays jokes on me because it's not in my culture. My friends know how I feel about Halloween, and that I am sensitive about it. I don t like to go to school because I may draw attention to myself. I wish Halloween would end soon.  

I want my teacher to give a lesson about culture in class because some students need to understand the differences and learn the meaning of celebrations in other cultures. Another reason is to let students realize that mean words really hurt other students.