My Heritage

Me, Kayla Kirton

Me at twelve years old

Kayla, Theatre Arts Production Co.

Coming from five
cultures is very unique in a good way. I'm West Indian, Indian, Irish, African - American, and American. When my friends and I talk about our heritage, the conversation is very interesting especially
when I talk about all of my religons. They look at me very strangely and their eyes seem to pop out at me. I guess I celebrate more holidays than almost everyone I know. For instance: it's not everyday that you meet someone who celebrates Kwanzaa and St. Patricks Day. Most of my religons have one celebration in common, but they are celebrated very differently in each household. One holiday is Christmas.

In my maternal grandmother's Indian household, they spend all of Christmas Eve cleaning. When we arrive Christmas morning we have to take off our shoes and socks before we enter her house and leave them outside the door. The reason why we take off our socks and shoes is because it shows that we respect all the cleaning that she did.

In my American home, each person has to wake up at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve. Sometimes we try to stay up until midnight, or we just go to bed and have someone wake us up to open up our presents. Afterwards we stay up playing with our Christmas toys, singing Christmas carols, and watching the sun rise on the beautiful horizon.

The reason why I think teachers should talk about their students hertiage is because it helps the students become a better person in life. Being a student of a theatre school called T.A.P.Co, teachers hardly talk about anyone's heritage, and then only if it has something to do with holidays. I feel that children should learn more about their culture.

Puting all these wonderful things together is a very interesting and different way of living an everyday American life.