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Alyson Vogel, Project Director District Ten Media Center; Video-Link

Click image to view their discussion on cultural barriers.

  Several volunteers in the Video-Link after-school program from MS 321, and the Theatre Arts Production Co. (TAPCo.) in Community School District Ten in the Bronx, got together to produce this project for wNetSchool. Students were asked to speak out about their culture, and in the process discovered things they never knew about themselves, their families, their teachers and their friends, many who hail from cultures different from their own.

In their quest to learn more about their cultures, students researched the holidays they have celebrated many times in the past and have now created new meanings for their future commemorations. They were read to from texts written by their peers who struggle with cultural differences in their everyday lives.They began a dialogue about those differences, first, with their parents and relatives and then with each other. They soon realized the importance of being educated in not only their own cultures, but in that of others, to help uncover the lack of respect and contempt they feel they encounter in their classrooms and in the world.

The students created their own web pages and discussed the issues of cultural differences. They were motivated by their discussion to take the subject further, and will be encouraging their fellow Video-Link kids to create a documentary this coming semester. Their hopes are to share their discoveries with a larger viewing audience and send a message to teachers and administrators about the importance of cultural education.

Take a look at the the different cultures represented in these pages:

Amanda | Chris | Katima | Kayla

Kingsley | Lydia | Richard | Rokia


Rokia speaks out about how students can learn more about their heritage in class.

View the students' discussion on learning about other cultures.

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Project Director: Program Producers:
Alyson Vogel Andrea Brothman and Liliana Fasanella

District Ten Superintendent: Irma Zardoya

Production Assistant: Anthony Roman
Co-op Student : Richard Reece
City-As-School Intern: Chris Gilkes
  Video-Link students: Amanda, Kayla, Katima, Lydia, Rokia, Kingsley

What can be done to bridge the cultural barriers between teachers and students?

Our Web site, located at, features all of the project's work to-date and includes student-produced videos. We welcome you to call us at 718 584-4858 or email us for information and lesson plans used to develop our site.

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