About Video-Link

  Our Video-Link after-school program serves students in eight schools in Community School District 10 in the Bronx. (MS 321, MS 391, TAPCo, PS/MS 330, MS 390, MS 319, MS 399 and PS/MS 306) The program is sponsored by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant, supported by the US Department of Education.

Students in this after-school enrichment program, spend one day in their school library involved in media and media literacy activities, and one day in our newly refurbished Media Center/Television Studio located in the MS 321/391/TAPCo complex. Our media center features three computer-based editing stations and six student computer workstations.

The Video-Link program runs five days per week in the after-school hours, offering students lessons on how to conduct research using new technologies, lessons on the use of digital still and video cameras, website development and video production skills.

Teamwork and cooperative strategies are stressed throughout the program to facilitate all phases of group work and there is a deep sense of community instilled in these students. Asking students to produce videos on topics of their own interest has given them the invaluable sense of ownership of and pride in the productions. Requiring students to constantly work in teams of mixed academic abilities, language skills, personalities, and imaginations has promoted group problem solving. Asking students to reflect upon their own work has taught them the value of offering and digesting constructive criticism, in that it aides in the identification of strengths and weaknesses in production and planning, and defines areas that need improvement.

A strong correlation to NYC Performance standards is used in the teaching strategies. Through partnerships with New Visions for Public Schools, District Ten technology staff developers and consultants, training is held weekly for teachers and the librarians involved in the after-school program throughout the school year, which provides an essential opportunity for ongoing teacher collaboration. This training is a vehicle for keeping up to date on the skills and information needed to integrate this professional development into their own classroom work during the day.

After-school activities of Video-Link

Our Web site, located at, features all of the project work to-date and includes student-produced videos. We welcome you to call us at 718 584-4858 or email us for information and lesson plans used to develop our site.

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