Influence of Sports in NYC

How have sports been important in your life?

"Sports are fun and exciting and they bring families together." -Larry, 13

"I made my first dunk during my first basketball game" - Roncell, 12

"When I went to my first Yankee game." - Dalia, 13

"Baseball represents our country." -Zachary, 13

"My dad took me to my first basketball game when I was born." - Sydney, 11


Who do you admire?

"I admire Alfonso Soriano because he grew up very poor but still achieved his goal." - Julio, 12

"I admire the Yankees because they have a positive attitude and they are unbeatable." - Prasanna, 11

"I admire the NY Mets because even though they lose, they don't give up." - Fred, 13

"Theresa Witherspoon because she is a woman making it big." - Jenna, 13


Why are sports so important to New Yorkers?

"They keep NYC together during hard times." - Jenna, 13

"Gives people something to talk about." - Michelle, 12

"It's just fun to do." - Angelo, 11

"It's something to brag about." - Andy, 13

"They give me things to do." - Javan, 12

"They help me relax." - Diana, 11

"It gives them a way to prove NY is the best." - Sydney, 11

"Because in NY, there are many places that give people the opportunity to play/see sports." - Moraiah, 12

"They are important to New Yorkers because they hold legends and they are fun." - Samantha, 12


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Created By Larry Harvey, Mott Hall II 7th Grader