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Being a school in NYC definitely has its perks. One of them is obvious- the experience of being with thousands of worlds at the same time! We students at SOF use our neighborhoods as museums to enhance our understanding of the greater world around us. We learn from our physical environment as well as the people who we influence and influence us.

Latin American culture is a significant part of our school curriculum. More than 50% of our peers take Spanish as a second language. Senoritas Fernandez and Dryer take pride in not only the teaching Spanish as the language but as an enriched culture.

This year in our school curriculum, we had several exciting events. The students at School of the Future hosted a cultural fair where food and music were displayed to educate people in our learning community. In addition, we celebrated the Mexican festival,  the Day of the Dead, in our classrooms. It was certainly an exciting semester of Latin America!

School of the Future, 127 East 22nd Street, NY, New York 10010 (212)4875-8086

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Day of the Dead
SOF students in the Salsa Club!