My Poetry Celebration

Hi, I live in the Bronx. I have eight brothers & eight sisters, and I love my parents a lot. The school I go to is called M.S. 391. I am in the eighth grade. My hobbies are jumping double dutch, playing tag, dancing, and also being in a step squad. I want to be three things when I grow up, a cheer leader, teacher, and a librarian.

On January 28, 2002 there was a poety slam held in the school library. What is a poetry slam? A poetry slam is when a group of people share their poems and compete against each other to see who has "performed" their poem the best.

M.S./P.S. 95 were competing against M.S. 391. There were five people on a team. Our poet instructor Mr. Danny helped us out with our poems. He helped us by telling us to put more feeling and more body movement into it, and that's just what we did.

We each said our poems and then the judges from the School District added up all the scores. We lost by three points. Then Mr. Danny told us that three of the judges were students who were also part of the slam. I feel really cheated. I still and always will think that we did a very good job, and besides it's about having fun.



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