My Poetry Performance!

Hi, I am 14 years old, and I live in the Bronx. My web page is mainly going to be about the poetry slam. The way I got started in poetry is that my teacher Ms. Lewis wanted us to learn more about poetry.

My class was picked to be in a poetry slam with a poetry teacher named Danny. The school I am attending now is M.S. 391. Danny worked with us for a long time, and it was fun. A few weeks before the slam, my class had their very own poetry slam. The students in my class picked the top five students, and those were the top five to compete in the slam with another school.

  We worked on our project for several weeks. We were basically trying to get the performance together, and work on our poems. That was also a lot of fun. Our school competed against M.S. 95.

   We got a lot of high scores. Our school was on a roll, and then it happened. I made a lot of mistakes, and I really do regret it. But we did what we had to do, and I still see myself as a winner. Even though we didn't win, none of us actually cared because we still felt like winners.

    My classmates learned a whole lot from writing their poems. I know I learned how to express my feelings more. As for the other students in class, I think it was the same for them. Some of them just thought that you could talk to someone to express your feelings. My own opinion is that I think it is best to write your feelings on paper because you might say something to someone that might hurt their feelings, and I don t think anyone wants to hurt a close friend or family members' feelings.

How do you think you should express your feelings?  


See my performance here on video...