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Do young boys and girls budget their allowances the same way?

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Young female adults and their future investments.

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Young male adults and their future investments.


President: Mario
Vice-President: Jeremy
Executive Secretary: Jazmin 
Matthew, Jonathan, Tiasia, Jose


The second group also chose to invest into an educational institution.  Their building will teach the art of Graffiti.  It will contain two floors of which will allow those who like to do graffiti to have somewhere safe to express their creativity without the worry of getting into any trouble.  

The building will be structured as follows:

1st Floor

Art Gallery (which will display the art graffiti that the students do during each semester.)

2nd Floor
Class Rooms
Gift Store
Book Store


Elevators and stairwells will be available for the students to have access to all floors.

Some materials needed for class are:
Spray Paint
Sketch Book

These materials can be purchased at the school book store.

Materials to equip the classrooms are as follows:
Dry Erase Boards

A tuition fee of $250.00 per semester will be required by each student.  In addition, the students must buy the materials needed to start their classes.

 An admission will charged for ever open gallery exhibition.  The art that the students produce will be on display and it will be the students choice if they would like to sell it.  If any art piece is sold, the school will get a percentage.


The cost of constructing and getting started was broken down as follows:
Construction Cost: 45%
Items for Sale: 30%
Classroom Equipments: 15%
Salary for Staff: 25%
Cafeteria Supplies: 15%
Art Materials: 40%        

The students learned a lot about investments.  They have successfully learned that investing wisely into something that will continue to grow is always the better way of always having some money.

 The educational institutions will keep these students on the positive side of the financial industry.  They will always make money.  The sales of items and also the sales of needed materials will help to keep the institution making the money it needs to pay for other things.  In addition, the sale of the items produced by the students is also a big positive.  In this aspect, both the student and the school benefit.  The school will get  20% of the students' sale while the students gets to keep the rest of the 80% for him/herself.


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