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Latin Americans have contributed greatly to the culture, arts & music, sports, sciences, and the socio-political arenas of every day American life. The Latin people are fast becoming a majority in terms of population with yet more people moving from South America, Central America, and from the Carribean to the United States in search of an opportunity, the American Dream. With every culture that looks to the United States as a home, they bring with them the very hope that all civilizations are built on. Our children. It is a virtual absolute that computer and internet navigation skills are major job requirements. However, not all of our children are being provided with an adequate and well-rounded computer education. There are children that cannot even tell you what WWW means and stands for, and much less are able to conceptualize its structure and impact on daily life.

This project is built around the philosophy that the Digital Divide is a socio-economic indicator that demonstrates the disparity between different economic classes. It is the work being done by these children that, although modest in step, helps close that gap. It also provides the bridge to the opportunities and advantages that the web provides for the pursuit of quality of life and information access. Every child should have the opportunity to learn. Every opportunity to learn in contemporary times, must include a computer education in order to arrive at a complete education and equal opportunity.

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Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa was born in the Dominican Republic. He was poor. He sold oranges and made one dollar each day. He had a brother who played baseball with a stick, a rock, and a milk carton. Soon he and his brother cleaned cars and shoes. When he was growing up, one of his brothers told him to play real baseball, but his family was still poor. When he was 14 he went

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to a camp for the Blue Jays. A coach from the Cubs traded him. One day Sammy donated 40,000 computers to his home town.
During his baseball career, he hit 60 homers in back to back seasons for the years 1998 and 1999. He also hit more than 50 homeruns 4 years in a row, 1998 - 2001. He became only the third player to do that!

This is the flag that represents where Sammy Sosa is from, the Dominican Republic.

by Toby J. Jr.
age-10 Midget @ Boys’ Club - Milliken

Dominican Culture

One thing I like about Latin Culture is the food because the food is good. They have the rice and beans. I like the way they dance because it looks smooth. They have their own dance. I like the Latin women because they can dance all night with out getting tired. I think Latin culture is a smart culture. They have been through a lot. The most thing I like about the Latin culture is the food because the food is the best. I like pasteles, plantano, and pernil (pork). I like the way the girls sound when they talk Latin. If I was to be at a party with a Latin girl, I will be happy because they can dance all night and all day. They can dance Salsa, Cumbia, and Merengue. My favorite music is merengue because it can be fast or slow.

This is the Dominican flag. The Dominican Republic is located near Puerto Rico. You can fly to the Dominican Republic. It is a couple of miles from Haiti. The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. I think D.R is the best place for a get away or vacation. I think D.R has wonderful houses. I think D.R has good food. They eat many things like plantano, Arroz con Pollo, and Mondongo. They have many kinds of dances like Merengue, Bachata, Tango, Salsa, and Mambo. I like Merengua the best because it can be fast or slow. They play many different instruments like Tamboras, and the Guida. The Dominican Republic has many famous sports players like Sosa, Manny, P. Martinez, El Duke, and Julio Franco. The Dominican Republic is famous for playing baseball.

Sugarcane Field:

The sugarcane is important for the Dominican Republic because it helps them to earn money because they use the sugarcane to trade with other cities and countries. The Dominican Republic has rich soil, so for them to have rich soil they can be able to produce sugarcanes and stuff like that. It makes it easier for them to grow things in their rich soil.

by T’Angelo M.
age-14 Intermediate @ Boys’ Club - Milliken
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I am Boricua

What I like about Latin culture is everything about it. My Family comes from Puerto Rico. I was raised in New York. My favorite, favorite thing in my family’s culture is the food. The food I like the most is rice beans with chicken or with porkchops, or commonly known as “chuletas”. What I don’t like is fish also known as “bacalao’’. I don’t like fish because I do not eat seafood. My family celebrates Halloween, Christmas, thanksgiving, and more. Other families don’t celebrate what I do.

I was born on September 20, 1990. Now I am 11 years old. I have 2 sisters 1 of them is 15 turning 16. The other one is 1 turning 2. My family dances salsa, and merengue. The pictures that I am about to show you are from My Source

The next picture that I am about to show you is the Puerto Rican flag.

...the next and last picture that I am about to show you is a heart of the Puerto Rican flag

by Raymond C.
age-11 Junior @ Boys’ Club - Milliken

I Am Different Kinds of Culture

What do I feel about Latin culture? I am different kinds of culture like Puerto Rican, Dominican, and African American. My favorite foods are rice, beans, and chicken. The food that I dislike is fish. Most of the food is very good. Sometimes I go to Puerto Rico. I like it there because the things over there are CHEAP. Now that my father has a car, it is easy to go to places. He does not need to rent a car. But the thing that I dislike about Puerto Rico is the fact that I don’t know a lot of Spanish. Most of the time people come over to Puerto Rico because it’s nice and a popular vacation spot.

This picture shows a view of the buildings off the coast of San Juan.

Now this picture is the Puerto Rican Capitol Building.

by Brandon O.
age-11 Junior @ Boys’ Club - Milliken
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The Latin Heart

What I feel is important about Latin culture is the way we are different. In other words, the way we dance and how we cook. It’s not like any other. We make it better than most. We put heart in everything and make it special.When we play Spanish music, the way we dance is a tradition. You might see that we do the same steps but some may move in a different way.

In Puerto Rico people love each other, but in New York some people can’t leave their house without pepper spray or even a weapon. I’ve seen my family hurt. People tried to take their money. That was the worst experience I had ever had. Most of my experiences are good but I just wanted to share some of my experience.

Puerto Rico is free and has beautiful trees and they are not cut down. In New York most of the trees are cut and the air is polluted from all the gases from the cars and trucks that messes up our air. This is why I love and care for our Latin countries and cultures. These are just some reasons why I think we should cherish our freedom and ability to do not anything we want and some of the stuff we like to do.

One of the things I do not like is that some people are trying to make P.R. a state and if that happens they may cut down the trees and pollute our air also. I live in New York so I have some experience. I am 11 going on 12. I have two sisters, one is 16 going on 17. The other one 21. She has a baby and is married.

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This heart is from me to Puerto Rico to show my true love to our country

by Joseph L.
age-11 Junior @ Boys’ Club - Milliken

The Same Language

What I like about the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico is that both of us could talk to each other in the same language. The best thing about both of the Islands is the food. I love plantains with salami and rice with any type of chicken. I am from the Dominican Republic in Santiago and Esperanza. My mother is from Santiago and my father is from Esperanza,. My cousin is Dominican and he was born in Puerto Rico, and he speaks just like them. I get along with Puerto Ricans and other different people. The people like who they are, and they are proud to be what they are.

If you want to see some cool Latino art that I found while doing my research then go to the web-site that is underneath this sentence.
Tete Marella

by Ezequiel C.
age-12 Junior @ Boys’ Club - Milliken

This web-site was a team effort project that was put together by some of the hardest working members at the Milliken Clubhouse - Boys' Club of New York. These boys reflected on both positive and negative experiences and aspects of life as young Latin Americans. During the course of their work on this project, they demonstrated a respectable level of commitment and commendable discipline to complete their piece of the this team web-page. This is their first experience in building a web-site, and they have done an excellent job of collaborating, researching, and tagging their web-piece. I commend them for a job well done.

All pictures on this page were obtained from other web-sites during research exercises conducted with the named members. All text is original.

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