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1 2 3 Credit

I like the first game because it was easy to understand, and the second one was harder than the first one. That's the way I like the first one more than the second one. I think that math is good for me because I get to learn how to be smart.

6th Grader

I think that these games were meant to be challenging games, but actually they weren't so challenging. I also think that these games were educational and a good way to start your brain. Math is good for us because it is a good way for us to learn how to count money or to make decimals and fractions.

I wish this could be our math program for school. It's fun!

6th Grader

Cyber Chase was very easy, but I think it was a little good. Math is good for you because anything you want to be when you grow up uses math. You need to know math to get into college.

If you want to be a Computer Programmer you need to learn a lot of math. Everything you do uses math.

5th grader