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Welcome to Thirteen Ed Online's "Students' Take"! This project provides a place for students to speak out on issues affecting their lives. Each month, students create an original Web piece, often including interviews, video, articles, graphics, interactive features, and more, based on a thought-provoking theme. We are always impressed and encouraged by the sincerity, thoughtfulness, and candor of the projects.

It's so important to know what students really think -- that's why we publish these projects as we receive them. Therefore, the ideas and opinions showcased in "Students' Take" do not necessarily represent the views of Thirteen/WNET New York. This also means that we ask students to take responsibility for securing rights and properly citing the source of any images or other content on the site. This is a valuable lesson in Web publishing, and Students' Take affords kids a real-life opportunity in the Web publishing world.

  Big Shots and Bad Guys of NYC Sports
Sixth and seventh graders from the Mott Hall II after-school program give their take on sports heroes and villains from their home town. Check it out!

  Our Take on the War
Young people from the Intel Computer Clubhouse research and share their thoughts on war as a friend and mentor prepares to leave for active duty in the Middle East.

  Learning More Through Financial Literacy
Young men and women from the Phipps After-School program explore the different ways boys and girls budget their allowances, and create a vision for a future investment.

  Our Journey as Chinese Americans
Through original art work, poetry and prose, students from the Chinese-American Planning Council explore what it means to "Become American."

  The Art of the Poetry Slam
Students from Video Link celebrate the arts by writing and performing original poetry. Check out how these "leading young men and women" from the Bronx have integrated technology into the art of the poetry slam.

  The Green-Wood Cemetery Story
Students from the Project Reach Youth Learning Center at M.S. 88 researched the Green-Wood Cemetery, a Brooklyn, N.Y. landmark located right in their neighborhood. Get the story on the cemetery's fascinating history and architecture and enjoy the activities designed by the students.

  Holiday Spirit
Students from ASPIRA of New York ( reflect on different holidays through their words and pictures.

  A Bloody Delight
Students from ASPIRA of New York ( share their artistic perspectives on vampire bats and the mythological creature from Puerto Rico, the Chupacabra.

  Heroes of the World
This month read about heroes who inspired the students at the Boys' Club of New York - Milliken Clubhouse. Discover how each student defines "hero" and learn more about the individuals who inspire them, from politicians to sports stars to musicians to family members.

  Harlem: Our Community
This month listen to what students from Harlem Live have to say about their community as they share their thoughts on the culture, people, and beauty of Harlem. Watch their student created videos on their project Web site.

  Digital Storytelling
Join students from the Digital Clubhouse Network in the process of self exploration. See how these students used the art of filmmaking in creating their own digital movies and read about their experiences.

  Monitoring Scientific Progress
Join these 9th grade students from the School of the Future in their exploration of scientific progress in the field of hydrology. See how these students applied this concept in their exploration of New York City's water system.

  Latino Culture
In this special edition of Students' Take, five after-school groups and classes produced projects on the theme of Latino Culture. These students -- including students of Latino heritage and other diverse backgrounds -- created original artwork and text to express what Latino culture means to them.

  New Frontiers in Science and Space Technology
In this Students' Take project, members of the Harriman Boys' Club of New York examine some of the benefits of research conducted in space. See what they have to say about innovations in space technology as they explore these new frontiers.

  The Art of the Poetry Slam
The students of Video Link explore the theme of the arts by writing and performing original poetry.

  The Environment: Are People its Worst Nightmare?
The Harriman Boys' Club put together an exciting multimedia project about how the environment impacts endangered animal populations.

  Cyberchase Review
In this Students' Take project, members of the Harriman Clubhouse of the Boys' Club of New York try out some of the fun and educational math games from the Cyberchase Web site and tell us their thoughts on why math matters.

  Oldest Synagogue & Famous Jews in America
Explore a little bit of Jewish culture with the Harriman Boy's Club, as they examine America's oldest synagogue, and one of this country's most prominent Jews - Steven Spielberg.

  The Children Who Care About Muslims
By crafting "The Children Who Care About Muslims", members of the Harriman Clubhouse of the Boys' Club of New York offer their perspectives of Islamic culture including their thoughts about our Muslim friends and factual information about the religion.

  The World Trade Center Bombing: An American Holocaust
Members of the Harriman Clubhouse of the Boys' Club of New York share their feelings about the events of September 11th and interview fellow New Yorkers to get their reactions to the tragedy.

  The Black Experience
This student-generated project explores how history, heritage, and society have shaped the identities of African and Afro-Caribbean students. Created at The Norwalk Housing Authority's Computer Learning Centers, this Web site features poetry, interviews, and essays, all celebrating the pride of being black in America today.

  Who Am I?
This Students' Take features a Web site entitled "Who Am I?" created by students from the Video-Link Summer Media Program of 2001. The page features a list of adjectives the students feel best describe who they are and letters by the students describing "what we really are all about: our likes, our dislikes, our hopes and our thoughts."

  125-year History of the Harriman Boys' Club!
Students from the Harriman Boys' Club turn their investigative skills inward on their own environment. In this multimedia project, the boys explore the role that the Boys' Club has played in the Lower East Side of Manhattan for more than a century through research, photos, and video interviews with Boys' Club alumni.

  Gay and Lesbian Rights
Students from the After-School Drop-In Center of the Hetrick-Martin Institute banded together to share their thoughts about gay and lesbian life. Check out their Web pages for their insightful personal essays and poetry on the topic!

  The History of Chinatown in New York City
Students from The Boys' Club explore part of the New York Asian American community in "The History of Chinatown in New York City," with pictorial references, video clips, and interviews.

  Air Pollution
Members of the Boys' Club did research, interviews, and artwork on air pollution. The boys explored both human and natural causes of air pollution, and provided information on their program through text, video, and drawing.

  Women's History Month
The Grand Street Settlement's Girl's and Young Women's Initiative (GYWI) has produced a special Web piece in celebration of Women's History Month. Find out why Eleanor Roosevelt, Toni Morrison, and Rosa Parks are some of these girls' favorite women.

 Speaking Out About Culture
Students from the Video-Link after school program in MS 321 in Community School District 10 in the Bronx, New York, speak about culture in their community.

  "Heart in The Middle of The World"
An installation created by students at the United Nations International School dedicated to children surviving war and ethnic conflict.

  Teachers and Learning Environments
Students from Girls' and Young Women's Initiative try to find out what makes a good teacher and a good learning environment. They write thoughtfully about their learning environments, discuss the importance of education, interview their teachers, analyze teaching styles, and offer suggestions.

  Diversity in School
Find out what kids have to say about race, gender, and equality in the classroom. High school students from Talent Search produced this piece on diversity in school.

  Generation Tobacco
Students grades 8-12 from HarlemLive produced this piece on teen smoking.

  Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Who is Bessie Coleman? High school students from HarlemLive have submitted profiles of this and other accomplished women. Also, find out what students think about women in the military, abortion, and pop media.

  Digital Divide
This Students' Take focusses on the inequity of access to technology in schools, cities, and suburbs. Check out a video clip that students from HarlemLive produced and read some of their comments.

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