I think that this way is uncalled for because Bush talks about how he wants to stop terrorism. I think that Bush is unfair. He wants to put the world at sake for oil.
Kimberley, Age 11

I feel the War should not go on, because it is killing good and innocent people. People are loosing their families and it's devastating. I believe that if we bomb them then they will bomb us.
Janelle, Age 12

I want this war to be over. Many people have died and it makes me very sad. I don't appreciate what president Bush is doing, because now Steve (former Asst. Coordinator) may be going to the Middle East and I'm so scared for him. I really hope and pray that this war is over. I do not want to see any more innocent people die.
Manuela, Age 13

I feel very bad about this war. I want to blame the president for all of this chaos but I know that it's not just him. Does the President know that innocent people are dying? I cannot take it when I hear that someone else has died. I do not want Steve go to the Middle East. He has a little son that needs him. Many of our soldiers have families that need them.
Aiona, Age 14

What I think of the war is that many of people are going to die. I feel that if we bomb them they will come back for us again. WHY?
Tia, Age 10