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"Harlem is the capital of African-American Culture and Hertiage.
It's important with the recent development a
and gentrification
that historical traditions and culture is perserved"
-Richard, 46

"Harlem is a place where I can just be me,
it is a place where I can hang out with my friends,family
and with people of my own race and know
that they are not judging me"
-Malik, 14

"Harlem is the people, the folks in this comunity are the
very essence of everything this community
has to offer and stands for"
-Torrin, 15

"Harlem is just like any other neighborhood in America,
in the sense that it has its own unique flavor that it brings to the city.
Everything about that community the food, people, music, and style
are all apart of making it one of a kind"
-Rachel, 21

"This area is like no other in the city,
just the whole energy and vibe makes you want to be here"
-Kelly, 20

"Culture is the word that comes to mind when I think of
Harlem, this space , this area, is so rich and full of cultural
history that never gets talked about"
-Damon, 17

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