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This month's edition of "Students' Take" looks at what kids think of the learning environment in their schools and how it affects their education.

The Computer Wizards of Grand Street Settlement's Girls' and Young Women's Initiative (GYWI) Program wrote about how they feel the learning environment influences their quality of education. They wrote about their favorite teachers and what they think. They also interviewed their teachers to get an idea of what a teacher does everyday.

Before moving on we think you should know a little bit about us girls from GYWI. We girls have learned many things over this past year. We feel that working on the computer is another way to speak our minds. Yes, there are days that we don't want to work on our site, but once we start, we just can't stop.

There is only one group that works on

The Girls' and Young Women's Initiative website

The Computer Wizards, are a group of very hard working, and determined girls. Our names are: Denise, Rosalyn, Melanie, Jennifer, Justine, Jessica, Louisa, Bella, and Cely. It took a lot of time and effort to build up our site.

Here's some pictures of some us at work.


working at the computer

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