Gloria Steniem
The female who makes every lady proud to spell her name W-O-M-A-N was born in 1934.

How She Broke the Glass Ceiling:
photo: Rick Bard
A supporter of women's rights and progressive issues, Gloria Steniem helped revive the word feminist for the women of the 1960s and 1970s. A frequent speaker and activist for women's issues, Steniem was the first women in America to ever co-own a magazine. Steinem's MS. MAGAZINE was the first and only U.S. magazine for real women about real women that dared to take on the sexist and racist establishments in the world that disadvantaged women.

"Gloria is my idol, she was the first women in my generation to step up to the plate and say what was on the minds of thousands of American women."- Bernice Evans M.D., Obstetrician

"Gloria was not only brave but bold, she spoke her mind and sweared to tell the truth about what it really meant to be a women in this world."- Georgina Roberts, Writer

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