The Environment: Are People its Worst Nightmare?

The Earth is full of different natural resources that help human beings live and survive. If we continue to destroy these natural resources, we will not be able to enjoy them in the future.

For the purpose of this project, the members of The Boys' Club of New York will examine a natural resource that appears to be in danger of becoming extinct. - animals of the earth. Animals disappear everyday because of two reasons. First of all, people are trying to create a better way of life for themselves and secondly, humans appear not to care about other living creatures that share their environment.


It is important to discuss what our environment loses when living animals disappear. It is equally important that we discuss different ways that human beings endanger the lives of animals and save them. Furthermore, it is also important that we discuss different ways to protect our environment. For instance, we should stop cutting down any more trees or contaminating the water. Finally, we want to identify some endangered species.

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