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Esteban's Take

Seward High School
11th grade

Seward Park High School is very diverse. My school includes the Asians, Hispanics, Bengalis, Blacks, and others. These cultures have different ways of looking at education. The question is why? The answer is that some cultures are more strict than others on education. For example, the Asian ( Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, etc.) parents are very hard on their children in regards to education. The kids are pushed by their parents a great deal and it usually works but not all the time because there are the bad Asian students as well. The Hispanic ( Dominicans Puerto Ricans, Spanish, Colombians, Mexicans, etc.) parents are pushing their kids for different reasons. In some families, the mother or father didn't finish school and therefore, they don't want their kids to end up the way they did.

I go to this school with such a vast amount of cultures and it is interesting going down the hallway and to see the different clothes and languages. For example, some wear baggy jeans and others might wear clothes from their native country (like the Bengali people). Seward isn't the only school that has this many cultures in one place. It is important that we give ourselves a chance to enhance our knowledge about other cultures and learn from each other, but we rarely get a chance to do so.