A Digital Story is a 3-5 minute "mini-movie" based on a real person’s experiences. They combine a story told in the Storyteller’s own voice with other audio and visual elements (photos and other images, music, and sound effects).

Creating a Digital Story requires old-fashioned brainstorming, writing and research as well as the use of modern computer technology to actually put the story together.

The following are the basic steps in the process:

Come up with the Story idea and start finding the additional elements (personal and other images, music, sound effects) to illustrate your Story
Write what the Storyteller will say. This should be 300-450 words.
Build the visual "road map" for putting your story's elements together.
Bring the story elements into the computer so you can begin building your Story.
Build the Story on the computer, using video editing software.
Show your movie to your friends, family and the community…


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