The following are examples of other personal stories produced by our students. To see them, or to learn more, visit our website at to find out how you can get involved with our program.

Water in Ghana and America

Abraham tells how he learned to value water after his trip back to his grandmother's home in Ghana during the dry season.


Alexa shares how she learned to appreciate how lucky she was after she gave away many of her personal possessions.

My Mother

Angel's story of his mother's struggle with drugs, and how it affected him.

Pollution and Me

Bermathyl watches a pond near his house over the years as it is ruined by pollution.


Christine learns about responsibility -- and wisdom -- by mentoring a younger student.

The Importance of Taking the SATs

Christoff discusses the potential impact of a single test on his and other students' lives.

Hoofprints on the Heart

Elaine tells how her love of horses has brought her closer to nature and taught her about life and beauty.

My Sister and I

Eugene comes to appreciate the bond between him and his sister only after she leaves for school.

My Cousin

Gerald learns some hard lessons when his cousin is the victim of violent crime.

My Dream of Dancing Again

Jameise struggles when dancing is removed from her life, and comes to appreciate it and love it even more.


Jonathan shares how tennis has been a positive influence in his life.


Julian develops confidence and character by meeting the challenge of Prep for Prep.

Mom and Me

Kwesi's tribute to his hardworking mother.

Freedom of my mind

Maile learns to share her brother's relationship with his girlfriend.


Nicole observes the effects of graffiti in her neighborhood.

A Missing Piece of my Life

Ori tells how he wishes that his father could have seen his first football game.

Facing Fear

Patrick shares his experiences as a student at Stuyvesant on 9-11 -- just blocks from the WTC.

Learning to Adjust Yourself in Uncomfortable Situations

Shanaja tells how changing schools helped her find strength and focus.

A Living Nightmare

Shenita talks about her experiences living in a shelter with her family.


Thomas overcomes obstacles to finish a challenging citywide bike race.

The Pursuit of Dreams

Trevor's mother's journey from Thailand to America inspires him to pursue his own dreams.

The Vietnam War

Will tells of his mother's escape from Vietnam and her journey to the U.S.


Visit our website at to find out how you can get involved with our program.



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