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Being a member of the DAPP program I met lots of new people. I was able to learn about them and eventually built up a lot of great friendships. I was able to express myself in the movies I made, and to show my opinions to others. I learned how to design websites, edit images, and make short movie clips. Because of the friends I made and these skills, I was able to work with a team in a very effective way. The program will help to express my story for a long time, because these clips will last so long. Stories than would never have been heard now have a chance to be seen. I would most like to tell a story about my grandmother's childhood in Guyana.

Members of the Clubhouse are friendly and supportive. We share issues with each other, and are not afraid to be ourselves. The mentors are encouraging and offered constructive criticism. The Premiere and Web Design skills we learned will be helpful to us in the future. We all have unique experiences to share and by making digital stories, we are able to make our viewpoints known. I would most like to share the story of the car accident in Russia which killed my grandfather.

I learned how to voice my opinions through films.Film is more powerful and visual and can be used to convey what cannot be expressed through words alone. Photoshop will be used in college to make impressive visuals for reports and stuff. Web design gives the ability to express my opinions to many people at one time. People can relate to films no matter what the circumstance is. There is a greater audience for film, and it is an effective way to tell stories. One story I would like to have heard is my grandfather's story of his military service in WWII.

Through DAPP I was able to learn new and useful computer skills that will help me in the long run. I learned how to edit pictures, which is a useful thing to know and use when I get older. My story is about my cousin's fight with gang members. I chose this topic to help other people see the wrongness of gang violence. The program enables stories like mine to be brought into the light, since most people don't like to talk about being jumped by a gang. One story I would like to hear is my brother's story about his encounter with gang members.

The program helped me to socialize more with other kids. It also gave me new skills to use in the future. I learned how to use a Mac computer, which I didn't know how to use before. Making a movie allowed me to connect with a larger community by showing my story on the computer instead of just telling it. The program allows unheard voices to express themselves by giving them a chance to tell their own unique stories. I would like to hear about my grandmother's story of her childhood with ten brothers and sisters.

I enjoyed the program because it was an interesting thing for me to get involved in. It's something that I normally would not do. I'll be able to use my digital-movie making skills, like editing photos, to make fun movies in the future (to document any sports I am in). Making movies lets me get my story out to others who have gone through what I have gone through, in an interesting and understandable media form. I would like to hear my mom's story about being a home attendant for the elderly.

The program encouraged me to be more open. I work well with other people now. I learned how to use PhotoShop and premiere, which will be helpful to my career. Telling my story about living in a shelter helped me open up to other people. People can relate to my story, which is on a broader medium than with the written word. I would most like to hear my brother's story about coming from his hometown to NYC and how it affected him.

By participating in the Digital Clubhouse I was able to establish relationships with new and interesting people who I would not normally associate with. Film is a means of transporting written word into visual form that others can understand. Before entering the program, I was unsure about HTML. Now I am able to use it well. Putting stories in the mainstream enables others who would not normally be able to understand to understand. Voices can be heard, and with the help of mentors our stories become enhanced. I would most like to hear the story of Lieutenant Colonel Lee Archer of the Tuskegee Airmen.

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