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This website showcases the STUDENTS' TAKE projects of the students of the Digital Clubhouse Network.

We explored how the of film can be used to share stories about personal experiences and community issues. Our "Digital Stories" -- short multimedia movies based on our personal experiences and observations -- talk about building and rebuilding stronger communities.

Here, you can learn more about us (the cast and crew, and explore the production process.

You can also read our thoughts on Digital Storytelling in the Kid's Take section, and you can preview other movies created by us and our fellow students in the showcase.

For more information, visit our main website at www.digiclubnyc.org.

First Place

See the Video:
T1 | 56K | Quicktime

Abraham, Alexa, Angel, Daphne, Dylan, Laima, Patrick and Tanisha found out what major news events their parents experienced growing up, and learned valuable lessons about how to grow from the defining moment of their own youth - September 11.


Honorable Mention

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T1 | 56K | Quicktime

Steven tells how a neighborhood rebuilding project helped revitalize his community by improving the quality of life and breaking down barriers.


Sponsored by The Tri-State Community Advisory Board
of Thirteen/WNET New York
2002 Student Web Page/Digital Video Competition
"Rebuilding" - High School Level




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