Guillermo's Take

New School for Art and Sciences
11th grade

The only time I have to use a computer is when I go to school and it's just to use word processing programs, my school does not have Internet access. We have to go to the library to do projects and we need to use the Internet. But there are other students in the library that go there for the same reason so our time is limited. On the weekend I go to my cousin's house to continue doing my project on the Internet. However, for other students that depend on the library for Internet access it can be a long wait and they may not ever get to use it on time. The computer is supposed to make our lives easier and especially with Internet access, but it seems like it's making it harder for those who don't have one.

I do an internship at HarlemLive where I have access to the Internet. I think that the Digital Divide is a horrible form of separation. I don't think it is fair that only the people with money can buy computers while other people are deprived. Computers should be for all types of people whether they are rich or poor. It should be affordable for everyone and should be equal. If everyone has a computer, then things will change for the better. For example, kids will have access to Internet sites that could help them with their school projects. It would make society much easier for Blacks and Latinos to keep up with updated technology.