Kevin's Take

Urban Peace Academy
12th grade

I see the Digital Divide because there are not many computers in my school and there are not many people that own computers in my neighborhood. In my school, the few computers that we have are only used for work assignments and projects and there are not many of them to use. The reason that I like HarlemLive so much is because it gives kids who can't afford their own computers a chance to explore the Web and also anything else they might need. I believe the reason that most Blacks and Hispanics do not use the Internet is because they cannot get the access that most White kids have. And they have to go to places like HarlemLive in order to get on the Internet. In my opinion, the Digital Divide consists of the division of minorities and upper classes technology-wise. By that I mean most minority kids do not get to explore the world of computers nearly as much as upper class Whites.