Danielle's Take

High School for Leadership and Public Service
Grade 10

The Digital Divide is basically about the divide between minorities and Whites and the fact that a higher percentage of Whites all over seem to own more computers in their homes than minorities who live in urban communities.

I see the Digital Divide in my everyday life because many of my friends do not own a PC and I do. I am fortunate that my parents can afford it. My peers aren't as fortunate as I am and this might be one of the many reasons why they might not have a PC. If I am not at home using my own PC, I'm probably at a friend's house because something has happened to mine or I am at the library which I have to schedule for three hours in advance. I do not use computers in my school but not because my school doesn't have any. My school has plenty of computers, but because we have no teachers that are experienced in computers to watch over the class we have no access.

I feel that Whites use the Internet more than minorities do because they have better access. This is my opinion, but it is also a fact. For a long period of time inner city schools did not have computers at all and weren't up to date, while the majority of the private and suburban schools had computers and were somewhat up to date with everything that was going on with computers. Whites have better access than minorities though in the last two and a half years most inner city schools have become hip to computers, and so it is only a fact that Whites know just a little more than minorities.