Video Transcript

Hello my name is Naeem Jones of HarlemLive an Internet youth publication. Today I'm going to talk about the digital divide. Here are some people who talked.

I think it's, technology in Harlem, is wonderful because well Harlem…as they say was a waste and it's not a waste now because it's getting better, the technology is taking everything over.

I don't know, I believe that the digital divide is very serious. It's a very serious subject although many people don't um I don't know some people in this world doesn't mean that it exists but it's serious and I don't know… for me it's a division between guys and girls and also in our schools and it's just like um I feel that I don't know that guys spend more of their time on computers more than the girls do.

By saying that technology is classified to one race is not entirely true cause I know many Black kids who like -- and Spanish kids - who like thrive off the computers and there's -- I know plenty who don't. Because some people just don't -- it just doesn't click with them.

For me the digital divide is a separation between gender, race, and class when you're dealing with the access of computers.

No, I don't think everyone has the same access because some people can't afford technology especially in the minority community you'd think.

Some people choose to use technology some people don't. By saying that -- by calling it a digital divide is a generalization.