When vampire bats strike by Anderson

People say vampire bats suck peoples blood, but they only like cow’s blood. Bats are mammals. Vampire bats weigh one or two ounces; I think they drink half of the cow’s blood. I think vampire bats fly to their prey. Bats are warm-blooded. Vampire bats have really strong teeth.

What do you think of that Mr. Mosquito? by Yarhissa

Leave me alone
Roses are red violets are blue
I hate mosquitoes
And so should you!!!1
Buzz off and leave me alone
Buzz off I hat you
You live in water
Water is what I drink
Ill hate to drink you up
Because then ill be sick
With the west Nile virus
What do you think of that Mr. Mosquito?


All about Bats by Kevin M

Vampire bats sleep in the morning and come out in the night. Vampire bats gobble like 300 insects. Vampire bats are so cool. Vampire bats sleep upside down. Bats fly all around. Vampire bats hear what is coming to them with big ears. They see fast what is in front of them and next to them. Bats have bones like birds. They hide the flies in their wings and then eat them. And that is the vampire bat story.

About Bats by Elizabeth

Bats are creatures that are nocturnal. It means that they are always awake at night and are asleep during the day. A lot of people have never seen a bat. A lot of people have thought bats were evil spirits. Bats are shy and gentle animals. Their wingspans are 10 inches (25cm). Bat wings are different from the wings from insects or birds.


A leech by Dominik
A leech is like a snail with out a shell. They live ponds. They can be many colors. If they bite you they suck you blood. It hurts when you take them out.


Vampire bat by Ashley

V – Is for vicious
A – Is for amusing bats
M – Is for Mexico (were they live)
P – Is for People (who are afraid)
I – is for 300 insects (that thy eat)
R – Is for running (round at night)
E - Is for eating (cow’s blood)

B – Is for biting (cows)
A – Is for a lot of bats
T- Is for teeth (sharp)