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Aspira Project B.E.A.M 10 is a year round comprehensive youth development program located at P.S.86 in the Bronx that provides educational, recreational, social and cultural programming after school, evenings, and weekends. The Homework help academy is an after school program that assist children from first through seventh grade and provides educational activities through cultural arts, leadership, education and sports academies.

Thirteen's student's take asked the fourth grade cultural arts academy to create works of art based on the study of blood sucking creatures. We read books on vampire bats and researched creatures online.We hope you enjoy our artworks and check out the links to some great web sites.

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The Chupacabra or "goat sucker" is a creature that is believed to suck the blood from goats and chickens in Puerto Rico. The students were interested in the creatures mythological lore. Since it has never been caught, yet many people have reported sittings of one. In 1994 their were many alleged reports of goats found through out Puerto Rico drained of all their blood. The drawing and writings of the Chupacabra were based on what the children imagined the creature to look like.

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The third grade educational academy researched Polar Bears online and read some great books on Polar bears. I hope you enjoy their poetry and drawing on Polar bears.

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