Boys' Club Member Investigated

The History of The Boys' Club of New York

125 years of caring for the boys of New York City

This year, 2001, The Boys’ Club of New York (BCNY) celebrates its 125th anniversary. I think it is safe to say that the Boys’ Club has been a companion, a father, a friend, a mentor and a savior to over a half million youths in New York City since its inception in 1876.

Its founder, Edward H. Harriman, Wall Street tycoon and railroad magnate, had a vision and a commitment to help poor, urban street children rise above their conditions of social and economic poverty and make a contribution to the communities and the society in which they lived. He established the first home for the Boys’ Club of New York just north of Tompkins Square Park in 1876.

Today with the addition of three more clubhouses and a membership roster numbering several thousand, Harriman’s Great Grandson, Elbridge T. Gerry, Jr. , Vice President of the Board of Trustees of the Boys’ Club, and a partner with Brown Brothers Harriman & Company, continues the commitment made to the New York City community over a century ago by his progenitor. He along with the Board of Directors and Brad Zervas, Executive Director of BCNY and the staff, has kept the dream alive.

The boys of New York will always have a place where they can learn how to be good citizens, practice good sportsmanship, and have access to academic opportunities in a nurturing environment. For 125 years, The Boys' Club of New York has made a different for the boys' of New York City.

Introduction by Hector Lino, Education Director of Harriman Clubhouse