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Stop the Stormerator!
Stop the Stormerator!

Hacker has planted three WeatherBots to create dense fog, blazing heat, and cut the power in three different Cybersites. Worst of all, Hacker is building his ultimate WeatherBot, the Stormerator, which will unleash storms and create chaos in Cyberspace.

Kids must solve puzzles and gather clues in order to save the day and beat the game. Can you stop Hacker before it's too late?

Play the all-new Quest game - Stop the Stormerator! - at Cyberchase Online

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Adult Ed Education is not just for kids. Learning is a life long process.
Franny's Feet
Join Franny as she visits Africa, Japan, Mexico, India, Australia and other Frantastic places. Global awareness, geography, science, math, and language arts are woven together with delightful storytelling for interdisciplinary learning. Monday-Friday at 11 AM on Thirteen.
Adult Learners
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