Software Sampler States of Matter

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Students will design experiments to explore and understand the characteristics and molecular make-up of a solid, liquid, and gas. They will work according to the scientific method, and present their methodology, working hypothesis and supporting data in a multimedia research presentation using HyperStudio. By using an interactive multimedia tool like HyperStudio, students will demonstrate their knowledge and process, and will create a product that will allow other students to witness their process.

Grade Level:


Project Length:

Approximately 10 class periods.

Curricular Uses:

Physical science: states of matter; properties of a solid, liquid, and gas; mathematics; technology.

Learning Objectives

Students will design experiments to explore the characteristic properties of matter.

Students will identify the molecular makeup of a liquid, solid, and gas.

Students will use technology to create projects that demonstrate problem solving in a constructivist way.

Students will learn to use HyperStudio as a tool for multimedia presentations including text, and basic animation.

This lesson was funded by the Louis Calder Foundation.