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mural Do you have software in your classroom, library, or computer lab that you'd like to use but don't know how? Do you hear colleagues talk about a particular software application you wish you had? Do you see colleagues' students produce projects that would work perfectly in your classroom with your curriculum? wNetSchool is here to help.

wNetSchool focuses on several different educational software products. Our sample software projects will guide you through the ABCs of using software programs in your classroom, from planning to production to presentation. And all the projects, devised by our Master Teachers, are tied to core curriculum topics. We are currently featuring HyperStudio, Claris Home Page, ClarisWorks, and other applications that have slide show, desktop publishing, and multimedia capabilities.

We also feature Why Pick Kid Pix?, an essay that examines why and how Kid Pix can be useful in the classroom.

Software Projects

Multimedia Projects:
Working Dogs  4-6 Science
Buoyancy 7-10 Science
Cell Biology 7-10 Science
Savage Earth 5-12 Science

Slide Show Projects:
Birds and Balance 5-8 Science
People of the Jaguar  5-8 Science
Sharks: Our Ocean's Great Predators  4-6 Science
Virtual Cities: A Multimedia Tour 5-8 Social Studies

Desktop Publishing Projects:
Alcohol and the Human Body 5-12 Science
Earth in Flux 5-8 Science

Claris Home Page Projects:
Gardens 4-6 Science

HyperStudio Projects:
Ain't It Grand? 5-8 Science
Alphabet Soup K-1 Language Arts
Distant Neighbors 5-8 Social Studies
Interactive Body Works 9-12 Science
States of Matter 5-8 Science
Virtual Zoo 5-8 Science

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