"The Survey Says.." By:

A group of kids went around to
every classroom with a survey sheet
and three questions. About 500 kids were

Do you think the Twin Towers should
be rebuilt?


Do you think a memorial should be built
in its place?


Are you undecided?

Then we tallied all of the votes in the school.

I asked some people for their opinions...

An opinion for rebuilding:

“I think we should rebuild the World Trade
Center because if we forget about the W.T.C other people will
enjoy the bad things they did to us. If we rebuild the W.T.C
many people will visit it and everything will be like it used to
be.” -HZ

An opinion by an undecided person:

”I think we should not put any thing there
because some other people might do the
same thing over again.”-RS

My personal opinion

I think we should make a memorial
where people
could come and hang out,
have a picnic, and play in the park. The
memorial will have a wall that has the
name of every person who passed away
in this tragedy where both towers
stood. It would be the same as the
Vietnam War Memorial in
Washington D.C