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Q: I have QuickTime 3.x. Can I still view the video in this primer?

Q: No problem. The video is optimized for both QuickTime 3.x and QuickTime 4.x.

Q: When I tried playing the video sample, I got some strange colors in my monitor and browser window. What went wrong?

Q: Relax. Your computer hasn't been invaded by gremlins. Your display adapter may only be capable of rendering 256 colors, or -- more likely -- your display's control panel is set to 256 colors. If that is the case, set your display's control panel to thousands or millions of colors (Mac -- select "Monitors" or "Monitors & Sound") or high color/16 bit (PC -- select "Display" or right-click on the desktop and choose "Properties") to correct the problem. You'll need to quit and relaunch your browser to reset the colors. If your video hardware is not capable of displaying more than 256 colors at your chosen resolution, the video will still work, but it may be oddly colored and/or look slightly fragmented.

Q: What does the "x" stand for in QuickTime 4.x?

Q: The "x" stand for the version number. Manufacturers of computer applications frequently update their products. As of February, 2000, the latest QuickTime program is 4.1.

Q: I'm having trouble downloading QuickTime 4.x. What can I do?

Q: According to Apple, "[T]he demand for QuickTime software for Macintosh and Windows has been staggering, as thousands of users log on to download this state-of-the-art multimedia software... We're working round the clock to dramatically increase bandwidth and speed up access time for customers. Current statistics show that our highest download activity occurs between 10 am and 4 pm, Central Time, each weekday. Usage at night and on weekends is much lower, making downloads much faster. Please consider this when downloading."

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