Writing a Technology Plan
Technology Plan Template

The best way to integrate technology effectively into your classroom is to plan for it. Many educators have had the unfortunate experience of investing in technology only to discover later on that it is either incompatible with equipment the school already owns, that teachers are not trained to use it, or that maintenance costs were higher than expected.

Remember, integrating technology into your classroom does not end with purchasing the hardware and software! A written Technology Plan will help you articulate your needs and goals, and help you communicate -- and sell -- them to your community.

The National Center for Technology Planning
is a good resource for developing a technology plan.
Another good reason to write a technology plan is if your school wants to apply for an eRate, a federally mandated telecommunications discount for schools seeking access to the Internet.
Components of a technology plan will probably include:

Introduction -- An overview and a mission statement: What does your classroom need, and what impact will technology have on learning?

Goals and Objectives -- Specific goals that you hope to achieve by using technology. How will you integrate technology into your curriculum? What academic outcomes do you hope to see?

Existing Resources -- List the equipment that your school already has access to; how will it support your objectives? Be creative!

New Resources -- List the hardware and software that your school needs to purchase to support your goals and objectives. You'll probably need your school or district Technology Coordinator to work on this; knowledgeable parents of students can be helpful also.

Training -- How will you and your students get the training you need to use the new resources?

Maintenance -- How will the new resources be maintained, and who will maintain them? What are the ongoing charges? How much coverage do warranties provide? Is it necessary to buy insurance?

Costs and Funding -- How much will all of this cost? Where will the money come from? Are there grants or other funding opportunities available to help defray some of the costs to the school?

Assessment -- How will the effectiveness of technology purchases be measured? Because every classroom is different, assessment will help you invest your technology dollars more wisely.

National Center for Technology Planning
This site provides many examples of technology plans written by other schools.

The Impact of Technology
This site lists the latest research on the effectiveness of technology in education. McREL is the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory, one of 10 regional education laboratories sponsored by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) of the U.S. Dept. of Education.

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