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Navigating with QuickTime VR

If you have QuickTime 4.x, you should be able to view the virtual reality clip of the beetle. (If you haven't downloaded and installed QuickTime, go to Downloading QuickTime 4.x and do so.)

As you will recall, there are two types of QuickTime virtual reality movies, object and panorama. The QuickTime VR movie in this section is an object movie, which lets you look at a given item from different sides, like a beetle for instance. You are given the power to rotate the object and inspect it from different angles.

QuickTime VR Navigation BarThe easiest way to navigate with an object-oriented QuickTime VR movie is to drag your cursor across the object in the direction you want the object to rotate. The buttons at the bottom of the image give you control over the QuickTime VR actions. Practice on the beetle.

The magnifying glass allows you to zoom in and out. Click on the "-" symbol to zoom out. Click on the "+" symbol to zoom in. Click the "arrow" symbol to reveal hot spots on the object. Use the "Object Moving" tool in the movie and rotate the image at any zoom level.

Hot Spots
As you probably know, a hot spot is an area (text or image) on a Web page that links to another area when clicked.

One of the really great things about QuickTime VR is that hot spots can be embedded in the movie presentations to create additional interactivity.

Move your cursor over the beetle's wing. You will see the cursor change to indicate a hot spot. Click the hot spots on the beetle and see what happens!

The different hot spots on object movies, such as the beetle, are called nodes. As you explore the different hot spots, you may want to return to the exact spot where you began exploring that node. The "Hot Spot Return" button in effect bookmarks the area you examined before you began exploring a given node.

For more information on hot spots and other neat features of QuickTime VR, go to Apple's Web site.
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