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Dialing Up and Getting Online
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Dialing Up and Getting Online
What happens when you get online?

1. Your modem, in conjunction with your connection software, makes a local phone call to your ISP (Internet Service Provider);

2. Your ISP verifies that you're a member; and

3. Your ISP connects you to their server. Your ISP's machine provides you the connection to the Internet.

When you first sign on with an ISP, you will be asked to choose a local phone number or two -- a second one in case the first number is busy -- that your modem will regularly dial to get to your ISP. A good ISP will have enough dialup lines that you won't experience frequent busy signals.

During this "set-up" phase, you will be asked or assigned a screen name and be required to input a password. The password will be used by you everytime you log on. You are the only one who should know your password. Once the modem dials the local number and connects, the ISP connects you to the Internet and you're ready to go.

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