Getting the Most Out of Your Browser
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Browser Basics
Note: The following explanation refers to Netscape's Navigator 3.01 (NS) and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.01 (IE) browser; other versions of Navigator and Internet Explorer differ slightly. Like most software, browsers frequently offer more than one option for completing a task.
A central feature of the Web is the use of hypertext links. These links allow users to jump to other Web pages or to another part of the same Web page with a mouse click. Both text and images can be hypertext links. How can you determine if a piece of text or image is a "hot" hypertext link? On a well-designed Web page, this should be easy and intuitive -- when you pass your mouse cursor over a hot spot (a text or graphic link), the cursor will change to a pointing hand icon.

Hand Hand
Image #4: The appearance of your cursor will change when passing over a hypertext link.

Setting Your Preferences to Underline Text Links

You can set your browser to underline all text links. Many users find this option helpful in identifying text links, though for others this is an aesthetically unappealing choice.
Using Navigator Using Explorer
-- From the Edit Menu, select Preferences. Under the Appearance tab, check "Underline Links." -- From the Edit Menu, select Preferences. Select Web Browser, and then select Browser Display; check "Underline Links."

This is just one of many ways you can customize your browser and affect the appearance of Web pages.

Searching Within a Web Page

You can search within a Web page for an individual word or a string of words. This is a useful option when you want to identify whether or not a particular page contains pertinent information.
Using Navigator Using Explorer
-- From the Edit menu, select Find in Page. -- From the Edit menu, select Find On This Page.

Find Menu
Image #5: The browser's Find funtion is useful in scanning large pages.

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