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Grading the Web
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Applying the Evaluation Criteria
Applying the Evaluation Criteria

Now that we have looked at a couple of selected Web sites, it is time to start finding sites that enhance your own curriculum. After searching for Web sites, you'll have the opportunity to evaluate these sites and report your findings to us! These evaluations may then be added to wNetSchool's Selected Sites section.

To evaluate a Web site for use in your classroom:

1. Think of an upcoming lesson or curricula strand that you really enjoy teaching; one that is fun for you and your students. Referring to the Searching Smart portion of the primer, the first thing we need to do is create a list of search words and terms that describe your topic. (If you have not completed the Searching Smart tutorial, or do not understand the workings of a search engine, you may want to go to the Searching Smart tutorial.)

2. After compiling your list, launch a search engine and enter your search terms and begin your search. Some search engines are: 3. Search for sites. While perusing the contents of the Web sites you find, compare them to the good site criteria mentioned in the Grading the Web section.

4. When you find sites that appeal to you, bookmark them or add them to your Favorites list.

5. Take a look at our Selected Sites Evaluation Form. Choose a site or two you feel would be beneficial for classroom use. Complete the template and submit your critique to us; your submission may be published on wNetSchool!

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