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Internet Primer
Our Internet Primer is designed especially for K-12 teachers and begins with the assumption that you're new to the Web. As we add new sections to our Primer, you'll learn more about using the Web in your classroom. You'll find tips, interactive templates, and other resources that will put your knowledge to practice!

Seeing the Big Picture

What is the Internet?

Making the Connection
What You Need to Get Connected
Funding Ideas for K-12 Classrooms
Getting Online Step-by-Step
Setting and Abiding by Acceptable Use Policies

Using Internet Tools
Getting the Most Out of Email
Getting the Most Out of Your Browser
Viewing Video in Your Browser
Virtual Reality on the Web Using

Multimedia on the Web Using Macromedia Flash

Searching Smart
Finding What You Need on the Web

Evaluating the Web
What's "Good" on the Web?

Using the Web
The Web as a Research Tool
The Value of Electronic Communication and Collaboration in the Classroom
How to Create a Web Site for Your Class

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