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Digital File Management in the Classroom
The tools and resources for this workshop are in PDF format. To access the files, you must first download the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, easy to install and available for free on Adobe's Web site.


Web Sites

Assignment Worksheet
Defines what students need to accomplish and how much time they have to complete each task. Students can also record the information they have gathered onto the assignment worksheet.

Computer Use Rules
Describes the activities students can and cannot perform while using the computer.

Hardware Troubleshooting Checklist
Recommended solutions to the most common computer problems.

One to Several Computer Room Layouts
Discusses and demonstrates the options for arranging computers in the classroom.

Reflection Questions
A list of 10 questions that help teachers apply what they have learned.

Saving Web Pages with Internet Explorer
A step-by-step guide for using Internet Explorer to save Web pages to the computer's hard drive.

Saving Web Pages with Netscape
A step-by-step guide for using Netscape to save Web pages to the computer's hard drive.

Student Pre-Assessment Form
A list of questions that help teachers determine the computer knowledge and experience of each student.

Tip Sheet for Locating and Installing Plug-Ins
A guide for understanding, finding, and installing plug-ins that allow teachers and students to use Multimedia on the Internet.

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Web Sites

Search Engines:

Web Whacking:

Education World

One Computer Classroom



Typing Programs

Online interactive resources:

Scavenger Hunts

Virtual Reality Tours

Ask an Expert

Interacting with other students

Projects for the computer lab and classroom:

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