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Welcome to Online Workshops at NTTI, created by experts to help you use technology in the classroom and to understand important educational theories and practices. The courses are free and designed for you to work at your own pace. Dive into the activity, tool, and resource-filled courses and learn something new!

Now that students and teachers are working more on computers, there are many digital files and technology issues to handle. How do you manage all the files you and your students create? And how can you best save, store, and retrieve your resources and work? In this workshop, you'll find information on everything from how to use the school server to organizing and saving digital files.

Managing students as they perform various independent and group activities is one of the most important and challenging aspects of teaching. But what happens when you introduce computers into the classroom? What do you do when you have students with different levels of computer knowledge? And how do you make sure your students get the most out of your computer resources? This workshop will help you make the most of your students' technology-based learning experiences.

Explore new ideas in education with Concept to Classroom, an 11-part workshop series on educational theory. Thorough and easy to use, these award-winning courses consist of expert-developed content, teacher suggestions, expert interviews, videos, and so much more. Browse through topics like multiple intelligences, standards, and assessment at your own pace.


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