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Welcome to the Digital File Management in the Classroom workshop, where you will learn about the best ways to manage technology in the classroom. As teachers and students spend more time working on computers, they need to know how to handle the issues that arise. The workshop is easy to follow and organized by the following sections:
  • Best Practice: Get tips and advice for digital management. The three primary sections cover Organizing Digital Files, Maintaining Digital Files, and Managing Computer Resources. Learn about saving files, preventing damaged and lost files, managing collaborative digital work, and more.

  • Try it Out: Put your knowledge to work with suggested activities to get you started on the road to smart and effective digital file management.

  • Resources/Tools: This handy section contains all the resources and tools referred to throughout the workshop.

  • Glossary: Stumped on a term you don't understand? The glossary contains definitions of key words used in the workshop.

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