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Why Use Video in the Classroom?

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Video Resources

Finding and Taping Good Videos

Most PBS stations broadcast ITV programs overnight or in the early morning as block feeds (back-to-back broadcast of several or all episodes in a series). This way, educators can record a complete series easily, preview the programs at a convenient time, and use the video at a later date in class.

If you can pick up the signal for Thirteen/WNET New York, go to our searchable database of programming: the ITV Broadcast Schedule ( to see when programs will air. For a free hard copy of the schedule, call Thirteen at 212 560-6613.

If you are out of Thirteen/WNET range, call your local public television station for a program schedule.

As part of "Cable in the Classroom," The Discovery Channel and many other cable networks offer block feeds along with curriculum connection materials. The CIC Web site offers a list of programs you can search by topic, as well as a listing of the cable networks involved in CIC with links to their Web sites.

Of course, you can always begin by looking at the videos NTTI teachers are already using in their lessons. NTTI's Lesson Plans Database lets you browse through over 200 lesson plans created by NTTI Master Teachers. You can search for lessons by keywords, topic, grade level, title, or instructional television series. The lessons will direct you to the right place to find particular videos.


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