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Global Schoolhouse

The Global Schoolhouse site is a great location for teachers to discover technology related community collaboration ideas and handy tools like discussion boards, mailing lists, and award makers. Another benefit is the professional development section, which lists upcoming conferences, current articles and other educational resources.


For ongoing research, technology trends in education, and project searches this site is a must see. The links provide current information on technology issues and ideas for projects, planning, and funding.

San Francisco's Exploratorium Museum

This "museum of science, art, and human perception," will provide creative approaches to integrate science and technology with cultural and sociological ideas. One example is the comparison of the use of prosthetics by Cambodian land mine victims and American diabetics. This exhibit touches on the differing medical assistance available to people, the cultural idea of physical norms and beauty, and the advancement of prosthetic apparatus historically. The site is full of rich visuals, photos, and art, as well as live feeds of the San Francisco area and Live and Real video webcasts. This is a great location to visit to get ideas and material to creatively integrate science and non-scientific topics.

NASA sites

This site breaks down the walls of the classroom and connects students with NASA scientists, engineers, and others to make the world of space research come to life. When you first enter the site, you'll find a schedule of live events and chats you may become involved with as well as a list of archived events. This is a great site to help answer the question "Who ever uses this stuff?" for all levels of science and math students in an exciting, interactive way.


ThinkQuest is a journey worth taking. An international educational initiative that encourages meaningful learning and collaboration via the World Wide Web, ThinkQuest is a contest that challenges learners to create content-rich, educational Web sites in collaboration with partners around the world. ThinkQuest's Library of student-created Web entries holds nearly 1,000 innovative and educational ventures. The Library highlights ThinkQuest's winning sites, which are well-designed, easily navigable, content-rich sites with topics ranging from tessellations to Tae Kwon-Do, from cloning to Cuba.

Cornell's Department of Education's Listing of Online Field Trips

The collection of online field trips available here is quite extensive. There are selections available from elementary stories with pictures of an African pen pal project, to archeological expeditions, to explorations of the Amazon. The sites are a great resource to collect current photos making distant locations come to life with informative facts to make learning fun!

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